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Learning Horsemanship at Woodruff Riding School

Horsemanship is defined as: The art or practice of riding on horseback, and taking care of your horse companions.

This is an important part of the experience at Woodruff Riding School. As we learn to care for our horses and develop a relationship with them, our love of riding and of horses deepens. Our bonds grow not only from riding our horses, but for taking care of them as well.

When you come to the barn, you have to come prepared to get a little dirty. From brushing out mud and dust, picking hooves, learning how to take up, making sure you develop a trusting relationship between your animal companion... these are all parts of horsemanship.

When you ride with us at Woodruff Riding School, you're doing more than just being up in the saddle. The trust that comes with a good ride is developed through hard work and forging a beautiful bond between human and animal. You'll get to learn all of that and more during your time at WRS.

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